NEO Spin – Swap -Social July 9th @ Goldhorn Brewery

FinalGHBWe are at it again coming to a new venue July 9th.  Goldhorn is an amazing space, plenty of parking, ample room to move and groove.  Goldhorn is the home of Cleveland’s #1 vinyl night sponsored by yours truly here at Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club and Gotta Groove Records.  It is Open Turntable Tuesdays every Tuesday at Goldhorn hosted by Kris Koch.  Sign up to spin a set or have Kris drop the needle.

The Spin – Swap – Social is an experiment in entertainment for local Vinyl junkies. The premise is simple, bring a couple of crates of your goodies and swap or sell to other collectors.  We give away prizes, we have a DJ (Bill’s Box of Sound) spinning the whole time, and we actually interact with each other talking about that latest reissue, what you are listening to and the hobby in general.

Unlike that other “North-Whatever Memorabilia Show” with Michael Stanley and garbage Beatles Tribute bands we have zero overhead and bring this event to everyone FREE.  We aren’t here to gouge anyone with a $10 cover charge, and since we really DO NOT cater to dealers the tables are FREE as well.  All money made off any raffles goes to a local Cleveland charity.  Yes, all of it.  We have given away Turntables, Gift Cards to local shops, rare Test Pressings from Well Made Music and even Kiss Cologne (smells surprisingly decent).

Dealers are absolutely welcome but we request you bring a max of 2 or 3 crates.  We don’t want a bunch of filler and junk that doesn’t sell at other shows.  We are collectors who are willing to pay a premium for rare vinyl.  As a collector myself, and not a money hungry dickbag, I can tell you I walk out with a stack of great records each and every time we put on one of these FREE shows.

So come on out and bring the family.  Goldhorn has amazing local craft beers on tap, a nice menu featuring Pierogies and Polish Boys and Sundays are $5.00 Growler day where you can walk out with some liquid treasure as well on the cheap.

Our show and club has been featured in Scene Magazine, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and on Dee Perry’s The Sound of Applause.  For media, “vendor” and more information email and come join our club on Facebook.


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