Rock Hall Inductees 2017

Photo of PEARL JAMThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has chosen folk singer Joan Baez, British progressive rock band Yes, New York-born rapper Tupac Shakur, Seattle grunge band Pearl Jam, English pop-rock group Electric Light Orchestra and arena rock group Journey to join the institution for 2017.  To make for one of the most boring rock bills of all time.

Completely snubbed were electronic pioneers Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, along with punk pioneers, MC5 and Bad Brains.  Fuck Bad Brains though, no chance, and I wouldn’t want them in with homophobe HR.  Give me Dead Kennedys or Black Flag.  I have no idea where they picked Bad Brains out of their ass.  The others on the snubbed list were the Cars, Chaka Khan, Chic, Jane’s Addiction, Janet Jackson, J. Geils Band, Joe Tex, Steppenwolf and the Zombies.

Minus Pearl Jam you have 75 year old folk singer Baez to open the snoozefest with We Shall Overcome, followed by a band who has had a revolving door of no less than 20 members; Yes.  Yes has zero to offer any rock and roll fan minus the crossover hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart” which sounds nothing like any of their other material.  It was a complete money grab sellout song for them and it is marginal at best, 80’s schlock at worst.  You could have done a hell of a lot better with the keyboard music with Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode in this slot.

rs-5037-rectangleElectric Light Orchestra I am ok with, but they were just absolute campy pop rock that never really did anything here in the US of A.  Mr. Blue Sky I will give them, outside of that they bring me down with their hand clap arena junk. Perhaps the Tupac hologram will make an appearance for the concert.  Better yet maybe the Biggie hologram comes out and shoots him in a drive by.  Tupac was just never that good.  He died and went from rapper to poet.  There are so many more hip hop acts that could have filled that slot.

Journey of course is part of the will they or won’t they reform with Steve Perry singing lead.  If any band might actually get their shit together to finally reunite for the gala event it would be Journey.  They couldn’t even get that douche Peter Cetera to get back on the stage with Chicago last round so I am fairly certain someone will muck this up as well and we will get the Filipino dude on lead.  Regardless they have become a cover band of themselves that haven’t had a hit since 1980-something.

No one ever is going to happy with the Rock Hall picks for inductions.  This year they had a chance to put together an amazing bill and they pretty much blew it yet again.  People will go to see Pearl Jam, and a reunited Journey.  Outside of those two no one would pay to see the rest at a rib cook off or a House of Blues sized venue.


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