Purple Rain: A Money Grab Using the name of Prince at the I-X Center

1280_sheila_e_prince_74378158_042216It takes a lot to disgust me…but tonight Shelia E made the list of the most horrible people in the world. Not to deny her talent, because she is a talented artist…a horribly dated talent artist but this money grab Prince Tribute tour was awful.
This was not a celebration of Prince. It was a how can I cash in the most to promote my new album and not have to play small clubs to do it. Let’s call it a celebration of the music of Prince and I will play a bunch of new shit (and it was shit), 30 second snippets of a Prince song, followed by new material for 20 minutes, then one of my old hits, then turn the house lights down and fake cry during a canned eulogy to Prince. Then do a new song her and Prince wrote together (“the last song they worked on together”), forget the words and have to read them off a crib sheet. And oh yeah, I know people want to dance and all but let me have 80% of the material be sappy ballads. And oh yeah, let me make sure to plug my new shitty CD then plug the merch table to make as much money as possible off my dead friend.
We didn’t stay for Morris Day and the Time and that bummed me out a little, but she was such a bitter pill to swallow. The entire energy and excitement I build up to listen to one of my favorite artists in the world was just ruined. I went to this show to hear a tribute to Prince. I think any normal person would think, kick ass, they are just going to plow through Prince hits and it will be a nonstop dance party followed by some tears and a somber version of Purple Rain or something. No…this was a ploy to get people to buy her new CD and promote it to a bunch of suckers that assumed they would be hearing a giant Prince jam.
What a fucking scam this was. She is honestly going to burn in hell for using his name for this concert. The opening band, who was completely unannounced was a comedy of errors. Butchered Prince covers that didn’t resemble any Prince song I ever heard in my life. I forget their name as should anyone in attendance. There were missed lyrics, unorganized chaos on their instruments, and a complete 10 minute breakdown of the guitar players instrument. They even ran over time which annoyed me even more.
image22This show goes down as one of the most hyped (in my mind at least) and biggest disappointment I ever saw on stage. I am pissed that I missed Morris Day…absolutely, 100% pissed but that entire fiasco was such a buzz kill I didn’t want to ruin my 1980’s man crush on Morris Day and his music. I will stick to listening to my records of him before I let him do what Shelia E did up on that stage. The only thing that didn’t shock me is she didn’t pass a hat around to collect as much money as possible during her final song (which SURPRISE!!!! was NOT a Prince song).
I think a lot of these retro tours leave some people disappointed because it isn’t the same vibe as “back in the day”. Well, back in the day we were drunk, on ecstasy, and generally more impressed with what we would consider mediocre by today’s standards, but we were too blasted out of your minds that it was always “the best show EVER”. This was different in that not only was it a chick with like 2 hits to her name but it was a billed as something it wasn’t and that was the bullshit part of it. Hey Shelia E….fuck you.

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