Burning River Record Riot 12|11|16

14330156_1480000422026551_5253839237119499057_nJust announced yesterday we found a great space to host our first ever record show in December.  A lot of people have been asking about the venue and it is in a space called glow right in Cleveland proper.  Yes, there is parking.  Yes, it is secure.  Yes, it is safe.  Yes, it is a huge space.  Glo is located at 2530 Superior Avenue on the 5th floor, and yes there is a loading dock and elevators for easy set up.  Dealer tables are cheap at $20.00 each.  You can bring your own table or we will provide a table for you.  Admission is cheap too at $3.00 after seeing the $10 price tag for another convention that popped out of nowhere.  We are offering the following specials as well.  Bring a friend and it’s $2.50 so $5.00 for two.  All kids are free.  We are promoting this as a family friendly event, so yes, bring your kids.  We want to get them into the hobby as well.

This event is hosted and supported in part by the following:

Jason & Jeanette Burchaski at the Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club:   Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club

Jessica Johnson and Glo:  G L O – Jessica Johnson

David Wolfe at The Vinyl Groove:  The Vinyl Groove

12646889_584629648357072_6066448724737596693_oThere will be food available.  Jessica Johnson, Miss Weenie A Go Go herself, is catering the event to have munchies on hand for everyone.  Prices, and menu are yet to be announced.  We will have special guest DJ’s all day long and more than a couple surprise special guests.  We intend on having an hourly door prize drawing.

After many successful Spin – Swap  – Social events at the Happy Dog this show has an immediate following of collectors all over the city of Cleveland.  We have already booked multiple vendors that carry everything from rare 45’s to jazz to rock albums to high end vintage audio equipment.  Did I mention tables are only $20????  Tell me where dealers can get a table that cheap.

For Vendor Relations/Requests please contact David Wolfe at the Vinyl Groove at 440-439-8371 of Thevinylgroove@gmail.com

For Media Relations/Requests please contact Jason Burchaski at 440-454-4300 or Jburchaski@live.com

For updates check out our Facebook event page:  Burning River Record Riot

vinylclub-1This ain’t your fathers record show.  You are going to find things you actually want to buy.  The reason we are doing this is out of love for the hobby and we became so tired of the same stale old Beatles White Album being traded back and forth 50 times for $10.  We are focused on bringing the best show in Cleveland to the actual city of Cleveland.  Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and even on the air with Dee Perry on WCPN Northeast Ohio Vinyl Swap Social .  We might be the new kids in town but we know how to rock and we know what vinyl fans actually want.


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