Today’s Spin: Neil Young “Live Rust”

il_570xn-907920806_bi4rI can honestly say I have heard more covers of Neil Young songs than his actual work.  He has been covered by so many people, and the thing for me with Neil is the voice.  I could never get into it.  Nick Cave doing “Helpless”, “Like a Hurricane” by countless including the goth rock pioneers The Mission UK, and Alt-Country Godfather Jay Farrar, Duran Duran even covered “The Needle and the Damage Done’.  Then there is Pearl Jam, who could probably put out a live Neil Young covers record with the amount of tributes they have paid to him in concert.

So, I have gone through my life never owning a Neil Young record, CD, or cassette.  One of our regulars at the Happy Dog Swap had a couple different Neil Young records for sale in his box of wonderment and I said fuck it, it’s time.  I scored this for I think $10, and I truly did enjoy it.  Not to say there were not moments that I wanted to LARP and do Renaissance Fair things or play Dungeons and Dragons.  There were a couple times he lost me, but only for a brief few seconds.

ed-and-uncle-neil1-760x582I have ever been a fan of live albums because of the sound quality. but this one sounds pretty damn good.  It’s pretty much a greatest hits live, right?  I knew the majority, if not all the songs mostly based on covers.  Hearing Young do them though, and being a mature adult who now appreciates and understands the art of a true songwriter I respect this record.  I dig the acoustic stuff way more then when he plugs in, but overall I liked the entire record.  That Pearl Jam mention above?  I always wondered why the hell they would dig out this washed up rocker on tour so many damn times.  I get it now.  Props.  I still think anything post “This Note’s For You” is complete junk though.

I can’t deny he wrote some great songs, plays a hell of a guitar and blows a mean harmonica though.  The hits here obviously are the ones I am the most into.  That being said “The Loner” sucks and sounds like a B-side to something off the Fast Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack.  “Sedan Delivery” is equally absolute rubbish on many levels but mostly the guitar in that one.  I am not going to love everything the guy has done.  I haven’t lost my jaded anti-fogey rock persona, but yeah…this is a decent record.


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