#U240 #RockHall Celebration 9/24 – 9/25

dsc00818I will never have shame for my absolute fandom of the rock and roll juggernaut U2.  In September the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is having a party to celebrate the formation of one of the greatest bands in the world.  I was so excited to see the Rock Hall getting involved.  $20 a day for…well that’s the problem.  It is only a couple weeks away and there still isn’t much published as far as what is included in that ticket price.  The Website has very limited information on what is going on.

  • U2 films
  • Panel discussions/interviews discussing U2’s 40-year career, their music and impact, and more
  • An educational presentation highlighting U2’s message and role in conjuction with Louder Than Words: Rock, Power & Politics
  • A special exhibit featuring the U2 Tattoo Project

A full schedule will be listed in the coming weeks. Seating for certain events is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Come on guys…let’s get a schedule out there and boot the TBA.  You sent out the lure, reel me in.  What films?  What is the schedule?  Who is on the panels (and why wasn’t I asked, just kidding, not kidding)?  I need details big time is what I am saying.  I have no doubt that it be worth the $20 to most fans though.

We already got our tickets to see the screening of Rattle and Hum at Tower City which is a completely separate event from the celebration at the Rock Hall.  Why they didn’t show R&H at the Rock Hall is odd, but they apparently are going to do the 360 concert, which I never saw on the big screen.  That would be cool.  While I am looking forward to the celebration, I’d really like to see a schedule of what I am looking forward to.  U2 fans rejoice!


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