Today’s Spin: Igniters Steel Band ‎– Igniters Explode

14237678_10154375933779927_7259718373426176924_nFile under so bad it’s good or possibly genius.  You won’t find much on the Igniters Steel Band on the web.  I imagine when travel to the Bahamas was fresh and new back in the 70’s these guys were the playing at some resort selling their records to the tourists.  My copy was signed by the band in Bic pen on the back.  The back of the albums says “This first album, symbolizes and captures a variety of the explosive sounds that are emitted nightly at the Holiday Inn Hotel.”  And you know what they say in the Bahamas, if you ain’t playing the Holiday Inn, you ain’t shit.

This album reminds me of every sitcom in the 70’s and 80’s that had that special episode where they went to Hawaii.  Bermuda shorts, tropical print shirts sipping a fruity sweet cocktail and maybe even jumping a shark on water skis or finding a cursed idol in a dark cave.

This is one of those albums you will find at any given thrift store.  Along with the Exotic sounds of Herb Alpert.  The cover drew me in.  I had no idea what I was in for when I slapped this on the turntable.  It truly is just as wonderful as it looks.  It is steel drums in their finest hour, the 70’s on the beach in the Bahamas at a fucking Holiday Inn.  These guys might have even been on the Love Boat, who knows?

The lead singer is really over the top, but thankfully the majority of the songs are instrumentals.  This album features some classics like “Rock the Boat” and “Killing Me Softly”.  The rest is just as amazing but those are the standouts for sure.   “As the name implies, the Igniters Steel Band sets out each time to Ignite its audience with their sizzling sounds.  An even balance of calypsos, rock, Latin American and international ballads set this versatile group apart, and displays a mark of distinction.”  


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