Better Homes and Gardens Cube Organizer is junk

Rarely will I ever post a negative review of something, but I am making an exception here.  I heard from quite a few people they use this giant Better Homes and Gardens shit box to store their precious records.  They said it was cheaper than the Ikea Kallax, which is the gold standard of makeshift vinyl storage solutions, and just as good, if not better.  Lies.  This flimsy piece of garbage wouldn’t be able to hold a bag of feathers long term.  I have used my Kallax shelving for years, never had an issue.  It is very well made.  Yes, a little difficult to put together but that is the Swedes for you.

14079463_10154316319899927_1526942484144292271_nI posted a photo (this one) on the vinyl club page and Matt Felegy said “Jesus! That looks like compressed peanut shells!”.  And you know what it totally does.  It is cheap compressed granola and peanut shells, because that is not wood.  First thing that should have tipped me off is this is a Walmart product.  Walmart is synonymous for cheap made garbage, and low wages, and junk in general.  I just heard from many vinyl enthusiasts here in the CLE that theses shelves were the shit.  I must have thrown that “the” in there because these shelves are just plain shit.  Anything that comes in a box from now on with a bag of those step above a toothpick wooden dowels I am immediately packing the box back up and taking it right back to the store.

Regardless of the cheap particle board I am pretty sure the slave laborer that built this shit box in China was half blind.  None of the pre-drilled holes lined up.  None of the dowels would go all the way through.  The suggestion was to hit them with a hammer to bang them into place.  Bullshit…when you hit this cheap ass piece of garbage with a hammer the thing fucking cracks.  What kind of hammer?  A child’s plastic Fisher Price one?  Because there is no way this thing is not chipping and breaking using a regular hammer.

chinese-labor-camp-565x376I had to use a little force to try to get the dowels and screws to line up with the shelves and the side of the unit and immediately I heard <SNAP>, one of the dowels broke in half in the hole.  I had to use a pair of pliers to pull it out.  Luckily they gave you one extra dowels so we tried again, and the mother fucker cracked yet again, but this time a big chunk of the board itself.  If you would breathe on this thing wrong it would break into a million pieces I am fairly certain.

Guys, and gals….just don’t buy this thing.  It is beyond junk.  The price is close to the Kallax.  Stop being lazy (like I was) and drive to Ikea if you want a Kallax.  This is so cheap it would scare me to put any sort of weight on it.  We gave up trying after breaking it at least 3 times being really careful with it.  When someone says “I got it at Walmart!”, punch them repeatedly in the balls.  I was skeptical because multiple people swear by these things, my experience was completely different.  It was a frustrating piece of shit that is just very poor quality.  There are storage solutions out there, just not this thing.  Fuck Better Homes and Gardens.


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