Happy Dog West Vinyl Swap

12646889_584629648357072_6066448724737596693_oSuccessful Vinyl Swap held at the Happy Dog West today Sunday May 22nd.  The Vinyl Groove sponsored the event and gave away a U-Turn Orbit Turntable.  Kate Waltman was the lucky winner.  Donations collected for bonus entry chances raised $80.00 for the Waterloo Alley Cat Project.  Bill Camarata was there spinning tunes all day, and there was a lot of swapping and socializing going on.

Clinton Holley was on hand and gave tours to some lucky folks of Well Made Music over at the 78th Street Studios building just down the road.  I went on the tour and it is very interesting how a master record is cut.  You talk about precision!  The machine is a beast and the studio is way cool.  What started out as a little side project for Clinton has turned into him being one of the most sought after engineers in the business.  I asked for free samples but none were to be had today.  However he was very generous with some one of a kind test pressings for our last raffle.

Many thanks to the Happy Dog giving collectors a venue to hang out and listen to records and trade some vinyl.


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